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Welcome to dW heavy industries

We utilise a vertically-integrated synergy of e-commerce and legacy applications built in a heterogeneous
distributed client-server environment to create a new business paradigm in an Internet connected world.

web hosting -- email accounts -- mailing lists -- gopher -- cheap gun storage -- interesting firearms for sale -- CV -- Teardrop Trailers

email info@dW.co.za

So, you want to write your own web page?

Start with The Bare Bones Guide to HTML. Then read Art and the Zen of Web Sites. Buy Phil and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing after reading it online. Read everything Paul Graham has written, even though half of it has nothing to do with web sites. Throw away your Frontpage, get Notepad++. Or do it in vi. But trust me on the Bare Bones.

HTML5 Peeks, Pokes and Pointers from Dive into HTML5

Due to recent budget reductions the funding for smoke has been eliminated.
This operation will henceforth run entirely on mirrors.

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